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The “Portes bonheur” greenway: an electric-assist bike ride along a superb cycle path

The green way, the quarry path by bike

This is a very pleasant and serene itinerary. Most of the cycling is done on dedicated lanes away from motorized traffic. There’s plenty of open space and many points of interest: Rosheim, Obernai, the Leonardsau gardens, the greenway, the Klevener d’Heiligenstein. And with an electric-assist bike, you’ll be swimming in happiness!




25 km

Vertical rise

300m D+

Duration ±


On and around the “Portes Bonheur” greenway, “chemin des carrières”

The green lane, “chemin des carrières” (quarry path)

The 11-kilometer “Portes Bonheur, le chemin des carrières” greenway, which follows the route of the old railroad line from Rosheim to Saint-Nabor, is a jewel in the crown of cycling tourism developed by the Communauté de Communes des Portes de Rosheim. This picturesque, country-style route, entirely dedicated to cyclists and free from motorized traffic, offers the opportunity to discover the region’s emblematic sites along the way. On this bike tour, you’ll cover 95% of the route.

Villages to discover

Obernai boasts a remarkable historical heritage. Established in the 7th century, this medieval Alsatian town was shaped by the diverse influences of the Romans, regional lords and, later, Benedictine monks. Obernai is a small part of Alsace.
The atmosphere is pleasant, and the many terraces offer an opportunity to refresh and quench your thirst.

Occupied since Neolithic times, Rosheim is first documented in 778 as Rodasheim. Initially a religious estate, the town was elevated to the rank of imperial city in 1303. Beyond its many charming and fascinating remains, history has given Rosheim an identity of its own. It’s a must-see on the Route Romane d’Alsace.
There are also restaurants and terraces where you can take a break.
Heiligenstein is a traditional Alsatian village nestled in the vineyard hills, with panoramic views over the plain. Its fame stems from Klevener, a remarkable white wine grown exclusively in this region of Alsace.

Last update : 19th March, 2024.

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