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Vineyards and biodynamics: cycle to the Achillée Estate and its biodynamic wines.

The Alsace vineyards by electric bike

This cycling itinerary plunges you into the heart of the Alsace wine route. Wine-growing and medieval villages, often fortified, follow one another before arriving at Domaine Achillée, where you can enjoy Alsace wine and other beverages. With an electric bike, the route becomes easy and very accessible.




46 km

Verticale rise

450m D+

Duration ±


What are the interesting stages of this bike tour?

The alsacian vineyard

The Alsace vineyard covers some 15,000 ha of vines offering AOC Alsace, AOC Alsace Grand Cru, AOC Crément d’Alsace, AOC village wines, etc. The landscape and itineraries are magnificent. The view stretches over vineyards and plains, with the Vosges mountains and our fortified castles in the background. Bicycle rides are pleasant and easily rewarded with a glass of Gewurztraminer at a winegrower’s.

The wine villages and medieval towns of the Wine Route

Andlau is a charming medieval village steeped in winegrowing traditions, once protected by fortifications. Its past is closely linked to Saint Richarde, a Carolingian empress born in 840, who established an abbey here, as well as to the lineage of the Counts of Andlau, still present today. You’ll find a variety of restaurants, terraces and the Seigneurie workshops to welcome you to this picturesque setting.
The village was originally an imperial property. In 880, Emperor Charles the Fat gave it to his wife Richarde, who founded the Abbey of Andlau. Mittelbergheim lies on a vast limestone block, and several quarries have been exploited to provide the stones used in the construction of the superb Renaissance-style houses that adorn the village.
Dambach-La-Ville, a centuries-old town fortified in the Middle Ages, has a lot to offer visitors: half-timbered houses, a Renaissance-style town hall, cellars and winegrowers’ houses, ramparts and belfries. Don’t miss the hilltop Saint-Sébastien chapel, the last vestige of the now-defunct village of Oberkirch.

Achillée – biodynamic estate

The “Portes Bonheur, le chemin des carrières” greenway, an 11-kilometer route along the old railroad line from Rosheim to Saint-Nabor, is an innovative initiative by the Communauté de Communes des Portes de Rosheim. This picturesque and bucolic route, completely cycleable and car-free, allows you to discover the region’s emblematic sites along the way.
You can cycle it for about half its length.

Last update : 18 march 2024.

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